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Beneficiary Deeds vs Life Estate Deeds - What's the Difference? Mar 30

Beneficiary Deeds are relatively new in Colorado and curious clients have frequently asked me if they can be used as part of an effective estate plan. They also want clarification regarding how they differ from the more commonly used...

2013 Medicaid Eligibility Figures and Nursing Home Private Pay Rates Mar 30

The Colorado state average nursing home private pay rate rose about 6% this year to $7,023. However, the largest rate hikes were seen in Region IV (Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison, Montrose) which saw an increase of nearly...

Take Caution When Making Loans or Gifts to Family Members - How to Avoid Family Fueds Mar 17

At one time or another most of us have provided funds to an adult child to buy a car, make a down payment on a house, obtain an advanced degree, get married, etc.

And more often than not the ultimate result is hurt feelings...

Safeguarding Your Estate Plan Documents Mar 9

When the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes died, large sums of money changed hands - but it didn't all go to the heirs. A large chunk of it went to lawyers, accountants, and private detectives who spent thousands of hours locating...

Attorney Littlepage Recently Quoted For Articles on Estate Planning Topics Jan 25

Two local news publications recently reached out to our Denver estate planning lawyer, Attorney James Littlepage, to share his knowledge about important issues related to estate planning. One of those issues was a proposal to dramatically...

The Use of Private Agreements to Modify Estate Distributions Jan 2

Typically, most Testators with children (the person creating a Will) choose to leave each child a percentage of his or her estate — rather than a dollar amount or specific investments. For example, if the Testator has four children ...

2012 Five Stare Wealth Management Award - Denver Jan 2

Jim Littlepage has received the Five Star Wealth Manager award for the third consecutive year.

This aknowledgement was recently published in 5280 Magazine and ColoradoBiz. Five Star Professional conducted the research...

Dividing the Family Ranch - Colorado's Partition Statute Dec 20

In an ideal world siblings who inherit the family ranch from their parents live happily ever after, sharing the duties and responsibilities of operating the ranch. Unfortunately that is not always the case and the larger the family the...

Beware Do it Yourself Estate Planning Oct 11

With the economy still sluggish and a number of online companies advertising "do it yourself" (DIY) estate plans and legal advice, it's tempting to save a few bucks by "doing-it-yourself." The danger is that you'll "do-it-to-yourself

Naming a Guardian for Your Children - Number One Priority Sep 11

For those with minor children – particularly if they are under the age of 14 – the most important estate planning decision that you will make is choosing a Guardian.

Three related issues are: (1) who will be the Trustee...

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